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Accidents are stressful, and trying to find the right auto collision repair shop to get you back on the road shouldn’t add to that stress. There are so many things to look for, from support in working with insurance companies to top-of-the-line equipment and the latest repair techniques. Experienced repair technicians, however, are one element that cannot be overlooked. To explain why Heritage Collision explores the importance of qualified collision repair technicians in restoring your car to like-new condition after an accident.

More Damage Than Meets The Eye

There is a common misconception that fender-benders don’t require expert care. Yet even small accidents can have big consequences for your vehicle. If you’ve bumped into another vehicle while parking or accidentally backed into a pole, you may notice chipped paint, dings, and small scratches. When ignored, this minor damage can eventually cause significant rust for your car. Experienced auto collision repair techs can evaluate the severity of any damage to prevent its worsening in the future.

At the same time, your vehicle may have sustained unseen damage. Major and minor collisions alike cause damage that’s not immediately apparent, such as axle and frame issues. If missed during the inspection and repair of your vehicle, problems could emerge down the line that demands additional time, effort, and investment. In some cases, undetected damage could even lead to dangerous driving conditions. When you work with a shop that employs experienced technicians, you can rest assured that a thorough inspection will identify any hidden dangers before you’re back on the road.

Repairs For The Lifetime Of Your Vehicle

It’s not just that experienced auto collision technicians won’t miss damage to your vehicle. They also perform repairs with the industry’s best practices in mind, ensuring that work is done right the first time. If you choose a shop that fails to carefully train technicians, you run the risk of ineffective repairs that won’t hold up over time. Even if your car is safe to drive when you leave the shop, you could be facing problems in the coming weeks.

Aside from injuries, the damage that makes your car unusable is the biggest problem facing drivers after an accident. You can get a rental car while yours is in the shop, but nothing beats the convenience of your vehicle. When repairs are improperly completed, you’ll soon find yourself back at the shop with your car out of commission, facing more hassles and higher costs.

An Ever-Changing Industry

Vehicle manufacturers release dozens of redesigns and new models each year, all with specific components, technologies, and features that may require repairs after an accident. Along with these constant updates, many older vehicles remain in service, as well.

That means experienced auto collision technicians understand the importance of a diverse knowledge base that includes everything from the latest and greatest to classic cars, as well as commercial vehicles. The right technicians will make every effort to stay up-to-date on the newest models while maintaining their expertise with older vehicles. As an I-CAR Gold certified collision repair shop, Heritage Collision offers ongoing, role-specific training that ensures all our techs are prepared to provide expert collision repairs for any vehicle that comes into the shop.

Experienced Auto Collision Repair In Ann Arbor And Ypsilanti

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