When you need to get your vehicle back on the road after a fender bender, the certified repair specialists at Heritage Collision are ready to help. We specialize in body repair for dents, repairs for normal wear and tear and structural repairs from an accident like replacing a bad axle. We can also handle any glass or windshield repair that might be needed.

axle replacement needed after impact

Do You Need Axle Replacement?

An axle can go bad or break from the way you regularly drive your vehicle. It can also break from the impact if your car is in an accident. The way your vehicle handles is one strong indicator of axle damage. Axle damage can affect the way your car feels when driving down the road and the way it handles when you turn. In some cases, you can even feel it when you depress the brake pedal. Things like grinding and clunking noises or sputtering when accelerating or slowing are all common indicators of an axle that needs to be replaced. Both of our collision centers can handle all the repairs that happen in an accident

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We offer quotes for insurance purposes to make sure your car is fixed properly, and if there are costs that aren’t covered under your insurance, we offer financing options. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn about the special deals and discounts we have available. For more information, pick up the phone and call our Ypsilanti facility today at 734-975-4600, or call us in Ann Arbor at 734-327-7500. For general questions, you can fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back with you right away.

Axle Replacement As Part Of Collision Repair

If your car or truck isn’t handling or behaving correctly after being in a wreck, you may want to have the axle checked to see if it was damaged in the accident. Driving a vehicle that has a bad axle is dangerous. It could cause further damage to the vehicle, anyone inside or anyone who gets hit by it if it spins out of control. That’s why getting this repair handled quickly and professionally is important.