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calling after an accident

No matter how attentive you are behind the wheel, split-second distractions, flying debris and vehicle collisions could result in car accident damage that leaves your car in need of attention, from a cosmetic touch-up to major body repair. Whether you’ve run afoul of a pothole or gone head-to-head with an SUV, Heritage Collision, takes care of a wide range of accident-related damage, ensuring your car once again looks its best and performs even better.

Dents And Dings

Even minor fender benders can leave a mark. Your car started the day looking great, but now the finish is marred by divots from flying shrapnel or suffering from major crater-like dents. Fortunately, skilled body shop technicians can remove minor nicks and restore your car’s natural contour, sometimes using a paintless dent repair technique that’s as effective as it is affordable.

Broken Or Cracked Windshields

It’s rare that anyone can spend a significant amount of time driving without experiencing firsthand what happens when a rock meets your windshield. Those little chips are concerning enough, but a windshield that’s damaged in a collision can have structural issues, leaving you vulnerable to further breakage or without a window entirely. We delicately tackle windshield replacement by removing the cracked or shattered panel and securing a new one in its place. We’ll add some TLC to your tinting, a quick reattachment of your review mirror, and some time for the new windshield’s adhesive to bond. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

Bent Axles

A car that wobbles like you’re driving on cobblestone or suddenly handles strangely after an accident could have axle damage. You may hear a grinding sound when you brake or accelerate or feel the car pull to the right or left when you’re attempting to steer it elsewhere. All of these tell-tale signs point to the need for an axle repair or replacement to give you back operational control and safeguard against further problems.

Inoperable Or Cockeyed Doors

A car door that sticks when you try to open it or doesn’t close fully isn’t just inconvenient, but it also poses a safety hazard. As pesky as other types of body damage are, a dent in a door can leave you and your family exposed. In some cases, the results of a wreck could require door replacement. Our Heritage Collision repair specialists are ASE and I-CAR certified for the utmost in safety and efficiency. We’ll evaluate the current condition of your door, make recommendations, and even work with your insurance to find out what’s covered and how you can get back on the road ASAP.

Internal Concerns

Dents and other signs of body damage are easy to spot, but collision-related problems beneath your car’s paneling may be more difficult to diagnose. Learning to differentiate between the normal noises your car makes and sounds that could indicate a problem can help you understand when to motor on and when to consult a professional.

Keep an ear out for:

Tires rubbing against the wheel well when you turn
Unusual rumbles or rattling underneath the car
An unsecured door or trunk that flaps or rattles as you drive
These funny noises could be false alarms or they could be warning signs that you have a bent front axle, misaligned tires, a warped fender or bumper, kinked trunk or hood panels, or several other concerns that require the attention of a collision repair specialist.

Fix Your Car Accident Damage Today

Heritage Collision specializes in full-service auto body and collision repair. Using state-of-the-art technology wielded by a team of certified experts, we tackle everything from squeaky wheels to dented doors, repairing structural damage, maximizing the strength and safety of your ride, and restoring your car to its former glory. For a quote or to schedule service, contact us at our Ypsilanti location at 734-975-4600 or in Ann Arbor at 734-327-7500.