Windshield damage can occur at any time. Chips and cracks can obstruct your vision and prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you. In many cases, you can have this damage fixed with a quick windshield repair. At Heritage Collision, we can take care of the repair at our facility, or you can drop your vehicle off and pick it up later to help save you time. Contact us for a quote and for more information on our process.

Windshield Repair

Our certified and experienced repair technicians can assess your vehicles’ damage and prepare a detailed and accurate estimate of the repair. Typically, we can repair most small chips. With our repair process, we inject a resin into the crack or chip. Once the resin cures, the damage is polished and undetectable, which helps restore the appearance of your vehicle and restores your line of sight. We provide a lifetime warranty with all our service work, which makes us confident we can restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Service With Convenience

To take advantage of our service for windshield repair, contact our office to schedule an appointment. You may also schedule your appointment online at our website. We start by providing you a quote for the repair. We can also work closely with your insurance company to ensure your repair claim is handled efficiently. Once you’ve made your appointment with one of our certified technicians, drop your vehicle off or stop by for the repair. Most windshield repairs take 30 minutes or less, but we can arrange a ride for you back to work if needed.

Contact Us

Whether you live in the Ann Arbor area or Ypsilanti, Heritage Collision can provide you with windshield repair services to meet your needs. Contact us at (734) 327-7500 to take to one of our experienced staff members or to schedule your first appointment. You can also drop by our shop for a quote or log in online to schedule an appointment at your convenience.