Our certified service technicians at Heritage Collision specialize in auto body and collision repair and use state-of-the-art repair technology at our full-service auto body shops in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Whether you’ve had a minor fender bender or been in a major collision, we can repair the external body damage you can see and the structural damage hidden from view.

welder in process

Pro Spot Welding Service

When structural damage isn’t repaired properly, it can cause long-term problems and make your vehicle more vulnerable in subsequent accidents. We use only the best in auto body repair technology to restore your vehicle. One of the most important specialty tools we use is our Pro Spot welder, which we have available at both our locations.

Because spot welders produce a highly concentrated, precisely controlled current, they can handle difficult-to-weld materials. This includes aluminum, boron steels, various steel alloys and new high-strength metals used in modern automobile manufacturing. Pro Spot welders allow our experienced auto body welders to deliver factory-quality welds that maximize the strength of all our repairs.

Pro Spot Welding Benefits

Our Pro Spot welding service allows our technicians to permanently join two sheet metal panels together to restore the strength and appearance of your vehicle’s outer structure. Reworking the existing sheet metal also saves time and money over replacing an entire panel on your damaged vehicle. Other key benefits you can expect when we spot-weld your vehicle include:

  • Retaining sheet metal strength: Utilizing a dedicated spot welder minimizes the amount of heat applied to metal surfaces, so the sheet metal adequately bonds together to create a strong joint and retain its natural strength.
  • Uniform joint creation: Our technicians are well-trained in spot welding, which allows them to create uniform joints that look exactly like the ones achieved at the factory.
  • Vulnerability prevention: A compromised vehicle with poorly formed joints make it more vulnerable in future accidents, which we prevent with expert spot welding.
  • Quicker vehicle return: Using a spot welder streamlines the repair process, so you receive your vehicle back in record time.

Professional Auto Welding Repair

We provide quotes for any of your auto body needs, which include our professional auto welding repairs using our cutting-edge Pro Spot welders. Contact us in 734-975-4600 or Ann Arbor at 734-327-7500 to schedule your repairs today.